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Chai Wong 7-course Menu

Kung Hom pla - Dybstegte tigerrejer med vermiceli

Kung Hom pla - Deep fried Tiger prawn wrap with vermicelli



Radisekage stegt med bønnespirer, æg,  forårsløg og østerssovs

Radish cake stir fried with bean sprout, egg spring onion and oyster sauce.



Plaa nuea - Thailandsk oksekødsalat med agurk og citrongræs

Plaa nuea - Spicy Thai beef salad with cucumber finish with lemongrass



Tom kha hed - Kokosmælk suppe med champignoner

Tom kha hed - Coconut soup with mushroom



Phad puk ruam - Stegte grøntsager med tigerrejer

Phad puk ruam - Stir fried mix vegetables with prawn



Kang kua mhoo yang sapparot - Rød karry med grillet svinekød og ananas

Kang kua mhoo yang sapparot - Red curry with grilled pork and pineapple



Mor kang puak - Taro kage med thailandsk kokosis

Mor kang puak - Taro Cake with Thai coconut Ice Cream

325 kr pp


Tuna Tartar with avocado soy & lime 115


Our famous spring rolls with sweet chili sauce 3 pcs 65


Fresh roll with duckonfit & shrimps 2 pcs 75

Fish cakes fried with lime leaves - cucumber relish 4 pcs 75

Selection of dim sum: Hagau shumai & sesame shrimp bread 95

Tempura fried prawns with wasabi & sesame 95

Salad with spicy marinade mint & grilled beef 95

Pomelo Salad with Mint & Grilled Shrimp 105

Octopus salad with lovage & tomato 95

Katafi fried scallops with chili mayo 2 x 95

Soy glazed meatballs with ginger & sticky rice 95

Devils eye roll with shrimp & avocado 105

Chicken wings satay 5 pcs 95

Gao bao steamed bun with braised pork 75


Coconut soup with mushrooms & chicken 75

Tom Yam Goong 95

Vietnamese noodle soup with won ton & herbs 145



41 Red coconut curry with chicken mushrooms and jasmine rice 135

42 Fried noodles with sweet tamarin large shrimp spring onions & nuts 145

43 Prime beef fried with cabbage and oyster sauce 145

44 Steamed whole fish with lime lemon grass & ginger - rice 185

45 Soft shell crabs in dry curry egg & shallots - rice 165

46 Scallops fried with chili and basil - jasmin rice 195

47 Asian glazed spareribs with spicy salad 145

48 Green coconut curry with seafood & jasmine rice 145


Kao pad goong

70 Fried rice Phuket style with prawns 145

Moe palo

71 Five spice pork in sweet soup with egg & jasmine rice 155

Goong woon sen

72 Shrimp cooked in rice noodles with star anise & lovage 175

Moo pad gra paw

73 Pork fried with chili & holy basil - fried egg & rice 135


Pad pak Boong

51 Vandsnerle fried with yellow bean sauce & tofu 65

Kai Jiaw

52 Thai omelet with scallions & pork 55



60 Earl Grey tea ice cream with anise crumble 55

61 Pineapple baked with lime leaves - coconut ice cream 75

62 Sticky rice with mango sorbet and sweet coconut cream 75

63 Banana cake with salted coconut ice 85

Most dishes can also be made vegetarian. Any food allergy, please inform our waiter. Thank you.


Lychee mojito with white rum lychee & mint 95


Passion fruit Margarita 95

Blue Skyline 95

Rabarber Cooler 95

Espresso Martini 95


Gin Tonic 95


Plum wine with ice 65


Deutz Brut 475


Charpentier Rose 675


Marie Courtin Resonance 575


Andre Beaufort Brut 765


Guy Charlemange Blanc De Blancs 975


R & L legras, Grand Cru, Presidence 975


L'Artiste, Leclapart 975


Dom perignon 2175




Tyrrels Chardonnay Hunter Valley Australia  65/115/245


Charles Smiths Kungfu Girls Washington 65/115/245


Sileni Sauvignon Blanc Marborough New Zealand 65/115/245


Riesling Zind Humbrecht Alsace France 75/125/295



Reverdito Barbera D´alba Italy 75/135/295 


Beaujolais Villages Gamay France 75/135/295


Tyrrels  Shiraz Hunter Valley Australia 75/135/295



Marques de somera 65/120/275


The Stump Jump d'Arenberg Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc 325

Hidler Maximum Gruner Veltliner Kamptall 425

Prager Achleiten Gruner Veltliner Wachau 595

Wittman Morstein Trocken Riesling Rhinhessen 575

Dreissigacker Pinot Gris Rheinhessen 425

Fritz Haag "Sonnenuhr", Riesling, spatlese Mosel 625

Klaus Meinerer Trocken Riesling Mosel 365

Peter Lauer Fass3 Riesling Mosel 495

Dr. Burklin-Wolf Riesling Trocken Pfalz 425

Clos st. urbain Zind Humbrecht Alsace Riesling 925

Zind Humbrecht Turckheim Gewurztraminer Alsace 425

Sileni Estate Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 75/95/225

Chablis Chablisienne Pierrelee Chardonnay 375

Chablis Christophe Chardonnay 345

Shafer Red shoulder ranch Chardonnay Californien 625

Alamos Mendoza Catena Chardonnay 225

Nikolaihof Smagragd Gruner Veltliner Wachau Ostrig 465

Belondrade Y Lurton Verdelho Rueda 675

Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 625

Tempier Bandol "Rose" Provence 475

Roero Arnies, Vietti 375


Big Fat Gusty Arakoon Shiraz Australien 375

The dead arm d'Arenberg McLaren Vale Shiraz 795

Moores Creek Shiraz, Tyrrell's Hunter Valley 295

An/2 Callet Felanis Mallorca 375

Allende Rioja Spanien Tempranillo 575

Tempier Bandol Mouvedre 625

Domaine Bonneau Chateauneuf de Pape 1245

Beaucastel Chateaneuf de Pape 1575

Chateau Fourcas Dupre Listrac Medoc 375

Saint pierre Saint Julien 745

Shafer "one point five" Napa Valley 845

Barbera d'Alba, TEnuta Michele Reverdito 295

Barbera D'Alba Conterno 425

Braida Bricco Dell' Uccelone Piemonte Barbera 625

Bruno Giacosa Barbera d'Alba Piemonte 675

Perbacco langhe vietti Nebbiolo 425

Ragnaie Chianti Colli Senesi 395

Valpolicella Viviani 295

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir Santa Barbara 525

Alamos Malbec Mendoza Catena Argentina 295


Kiin Kiin made with lime & citron 55

Bao Bao made with lemongrass & coriander 55

Ricemarket made with ginger & honey 55


Singha 40

Tsing Tao 40




Gun powder

White Monkey

Gu Zhang Mao

Long Jing Shifeng

Yin Geng

China Silver Needles

Mint tea

Lemon grass tea

Our signature infusion from restaurant SraBua Kiin Kiin in Bangkok



Kenya coffee from Coffee Collective 40


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